Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy makes you think about waterfront living

title insurance agent mortgage refinance settlement closing fairfield njTwo stories in the 11/4/12 edition of the New York Times talk about the weather and its impact on living on the water.

My opinion boils down to this – build on the waterfront, be it ocean, lake, bay, lagoon or river, the Federal and state governments no longer step in to help you rebuild.

IF tropical storm Irene last year was an eye-opener, was a reality check. Waterfront property in the New York area is some of the most coveted in the nation, but after back-to-back years of supposedly once-in-a-generation storms, public officials, developers, brokers and homeowners are being forced to re-evaluate.
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Real Luxury: A Way Out The damage caused by Hurricane Sandy speaks to something so obvious it is often overlooked: New York City shores are not fit for living.
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