Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sometimes “let’s make a deal” works to sell a house.

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The New York Times Antoinette Martin writes about “Going Beyond Price Cuts” on February 12, 2012.
“A PERSISTENT recession in house sales has led to a surge in “concessions” for buyers. In listings and brochures, and most recently through a program started up on, real estate agents are trumpeting the news: even sellers who have reduced asking prices by a lot are often willing to do more.”

“That means contract concessions, in which sellers may agree to cover a buyer’s closing costs, provide a gift card for a certain amount, pay in advance for renovations, or even subsidize taxes by allocating funds from their proceeds at closing.”

One of the keys is that the seller has to be creative.  Taxes too high?  Pay some of them on a going forward basis.  Buyer is a little cash strapped?  Give them cash.

The house must still fully appraise, but, hey, isn’t that what life’s all about.

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Despite what you may have read to the contrary about concessions, “as long as concessions are written into a contract” and are clearly disclosed on the HUD Settlement Statement, … many banks in New Jersey are approving mortgage loans with up to 3 percent of purchase price in seller concessions.”  FHA loans can be approved with concessions as high as 6 percent.
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