Monday, December 5, 2011

Principal Reduction Will Solve The Housing Crisis and Jumpstart The Economy

Realty Times has a blow-out article written by Tanya Marchiol, President of Team Investments, an Arizona real estate broker.

The gist -
The American economy is chained to the crushing housing debt load. Chronic unemployment, foreclosures, and small business closings can all ultimately be traced back to the housing crisis. Working families across the country have seen their home values plummet, have had their life savings wiped clean, have been powerless to help when their loved ones lost their jobs, and in too many cases watched helplessly while they lost their homes to banks that continue to post billion-dollar profits and pay out billion-dollar bonuses. Add to that the trillions in bailouts and backstops that taxpayers gave to the banks, and one thing is clear: tax payers have already done their part. Now it is the banks' turn. Principal reduction will restore the American Dream, create jobs, and give the American family the ability to breathe again.
Ms. Marchiol is on to something here. We have heard many of the stories that she writes about. 

Read the full article.

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